The clinics were very successful, but they felt that they would be more successful with a permanent location. Wanting to get away from the cities where athletes could train with minimum outside distractions, they found that the IPG where the International Music Camp was already running a successful performing arts camp, was the ideal location.The first year, with 4 coaches on staff, they hosted 80 boys the first week and 80 girls the second week. The following year, they almost doubled the number of attendees. Today they host over 500 athletes in over 8 sports.One of the features of the camp is the a 400-metre track that encircles a grove of trees. The track was originally constructed for the annual Highland Games, which were held at the IPG in the 1930s. Although it had long been abandoned and overgrown, it was eventually cleared and resurfaced.The camp also features outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, as well as a weight training room and other amenities. Today the camp is considered one of the finest athletic camps for school aged children in North America. Learn More – Website http://