On the front line of natural resource protection, often working alone, routinely facing dangerous situations are GAME WARDENS. Risking and sometimes sacrificing their lives for conservation, they are NORTH AMERICAN HEROES.Our project, the North American Game Warden Museum, has two missions: to HONOR these heroes and to EDUCATE the public about their work and the natural resources they protect.“We believe by that by educating the public about natural resources and the men and women who protect them, we can help create better conservationists across this continent.”“By introducing the heroes of our profession, especially those who have given their lives in the line of duty, we can make the matter of natural resource protection real, immediate, and personal to our visiting public. ”These two founding mission statements serve as the fundamental principles of the North American Game Warden Museum.We hope that you enjoy our website. It contains a wealth of information regarding the museum, its projects and sponsors, and ways in which you can support and become a part of the Museum. Learn More – Website http://gamewardenmuseum.org/