The International Peace Garden offers you many options – year round – to consider when planning your visit:

Carillon Bell Tower

Faintly ringing, throughout the Garden, every fifteen minutes and on the hour, are familiar strains of Westminster Chimes.


Peace Gardens - Cycling

Cyclists have been coming to the International Peace Garden for years to condition and to train.

Winter Activities

Come to our winter play-ground to play in the snow – and come to our Oasis to warm up and experience our promise of peace. At any time of the year.

Peace Chapel

The Peace Chapel – anchors the west end of the Formal Garden and offers memorable quotes by world leaders on peace and on its fragility. It is a place for your more formal gatherings, but welcomes everyone to come in, to sit and to contemplate a world at peace. A world without war.

Gift Shop

Fully Stocked gift shop for all your souvenir shopping needs


With a wonderful selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, snacks, drinks and more, you’ll be sure to find something to keep you fueled.

9/11 Memorial

International Peace Gardens 911 Memorial 2

The memorial consists of beams from one of the two World Trade Center that collapsed on September 11, 2001 in New York City after being struck by hijacked planes.

Historic Lodge

Visit the Historic Lodge, the first building in the International Peace Garden. Revel in the beauty of it’s natural architecture, the first main construction built in 1937 by American workers in the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Formal Garden

See one of our many beautiful water gardens located throughout the Park. Relax to the sounds of cascading water or reflect in the still surface of one of our ponds.

The Cairn

The cairn which still stands at the gate to the International Peace Garden was dedicated on July 14, 1932 – before the Nazi regime came to power in Germany. Hope prevailed. You can still feel this hope when you visit the International Peace Garden. You will experience this peace, regardless of why you come to visit.

The Interpretive Center

This impressive building is directly across from the tastefully landscaped Sunken Garden and houses a restaurant, conservatory, retail store and horticulture library.

The Floral Clock

The Floral Clock, 18 feet in diameter, is a popular attraction at the International Peace Garden, and displays a unique floral design each year. The number of plants on the clock can range from 2,000 to 5,000, depending on the type of plant and design on the face of the clock.

Floral Flags

The stars and stripes of Old Glory and the majestic Maple Leaf can be seen in the floral flag plots, the only two floral designs at the International Peace Garden, which remain the same each year.

Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden, located in the Formal Garden, displays a focal octagonal pond with two adjoining reflecting pools. The North Dakota Homemakers and the Manitoba Women’s Institute support the two reflecting pools.


Peace Gardens - Canoeing

We also have lakes; and while we don’t have any formal boat launch sites there are any number of access points to our lakes available to canoeists and kayak enthusiasts.