Inspired by the vision of Henry J. Moore, the concept of an International Peace Garden at the heart of this continent was nurtured into life at the International Gardeners’ Association Annual meeting in 1929. By 1932 vision had turned into plans that included location and first sketches of a garden that would tell the story of peace between two great countries.

The original constitution of the International Peace Garden Association is “to foster and give protection and support to the material expression of a world ideal concerned in the interest of International Peace and its benefits to humanity.”

“(This ideal) recognizes that wars between nations have been humanity’s greatest curse; that its glories are a myth; and its continuance an abhorrence to the Creator.”

The International Peace Garden was established as a living symbol and tribute to the historic fact that Canada and the United States of America have been at peace with each other for (now) more than 200 years.

The unveiling of a cairn, built of field stones gathered from nearby fields by students from both countries and situated right on the 49th parallel, to mark the creation of the International Peace Garden, took place on July 14th, 1932. An estimated crowd of 50,000 came to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The cairn reads;

we two nations dedicate this garden and pledge ourselves that as long as men shall live, we will not take up arms against one another.

Garry Enns

Chief Executive Officer – manages all staff and provides oversight on all aspects of the International Peace Garden. He works closely with the IPG Board of Directors to ensure its decisions are implemented and its policies and procedures are followed.

Rodney Lagerquist

Site Manager – has responsibilities for the maintenance and management of the natural as well as built infrastructure at the International Peace Garden. He makes sure his crew keeps the grass cut, trees trimmed, water systems working and he ensures water and sewer systems are functional, lights work, and sound systems have power. He and his team are the “behind the scenes” experts that make us all look good, regardless the occasion.

Keith Burton

Operations Manager – is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all International Peace Garden buildings – everything from picnic area washrooms to the Burdick Performing Arts Centre. He coordinates major projects with architects and contractors to ensure roofs don’t leak and basements don’t flood.

Kathy McGhan

Administrative Officer – makes reservations and books events – including conferences and weddings; coordinates Gate admissions as well as camping reservations; and manages all administration required to keep the International Peace Garden functioning.

Gwen Wooley

Finance Administrator – manages and maintains all of the Garden’s financial systems and reports; provides comprehensive accounting services; and prepares budgets and financial reports for the International Peace Garden. As part of a very lean office staffing component, Gwen assists in the office and also ensures financial systems are functioning at Gate, Café, as well as Gift Shop.

Johannes Olwage

Conservatory Horticulturist – is responsible for the health and well-being of more than 4,500 species of cactus and succulents. More than 6,000 plants keep him very busy, but he still finds the time to start new projects – such as our Pollinator Garden

Connie Lagerquist

Horticultural Supervisor – is responsible for the planning and the planting and the weeding and watering of the east and west formal gardens. Working with her seasonal staff, she plants more than 100,000 annuals each year; and each year in a different design in each of our gardens. Planning starts even  before the summer season is done and planting gets started in the greenhouses before the end of February.

Alexis Nazeravich

is a Horticulturist with responsibility for the Sunken Garden and all its perennials, as well as for our Kitchen Garden and our Pollinator Garden. Alexis also provides assistance in other areas of the Garden, including in the Conservatory and in the Greenhouses.


President – Charlie Thomsen – Winnipeg

Vice-President – Marshall McCullough  – Fargo

Past President – Dr. Tyrone Langager  – Minot

Ed Anderson – Boissevain – Manitoba Government Appointment

Donna Bye – Minot

Lisa Kudelka – Center

Dean Zaderaka – Minot

Wes Welch – Park River

Jenny Steckler – Minot

Judy Saxby – Winnipeg

Susan Wefald – Bismarck – North Dakota Government Appointment

Bernard Chrisp – Brandon

Dorothy Dobbie – Winnipeg

Ed Albrecht – Boissevain

Jerry Storie – Winnipeg

Richard Felstead – Brandon