The International Peace Garden is a Not-for-Profit organization operated by a sixteen-person Board of Directors. Directors representation is equally Canadian and American. Two of the sixteen board members are appointed by the Governor of North Dakota and the Premier of Manitoba. We are registered as a charitable organization in both Canada and the United States. The State of North Dakota and the Province of Manitoba provide equal funding to the garden with some assistance from the American and Canadian Federal Governments. Donations, sponsorship, programming, as well as retail and cafĂ© revenues round out funding to the Garden. 



The International Peace Garden is open year-round with either staff or self- registration at the gate entrance. The garden is beautiful in all seasons, although the peak time for the flowers is the end of July and all of August. The 6,000 cactus and succulents are a site to see anytime of year. When you drive pass the  Canadian or USA Port of Entry and enter the International Peace Garden,  you have left either the United States or Canada.  To re-enter, Border Services Officers must record information from all identification documents you present.  Passports are not mandatory, but are the only form that can be scanned quickly and efficiently. Passports help reduce wait times and contribute to a smooth border crossing.